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Better Days, better shows, and more!


It's been a minute since I updated our blog and I don't have an excuse -- I'm just bad at this.

Anyway, how are you? Listen to anything cool lately? Perhaps the EP we put out last month? That's right -- in case you missed it, we finally dropped our debut EP, entitled "Better Days." It's got some bangers on it! Don't believe me? Go listen for yourself on any streaming platform, then come back and argue with me. I'll wait.

We've been making some moves! Last month, we snuck across the border and played our first-ever show in the US. I'd ask if you were there, but I know you weren't! That's okay, it's just the first of many. If you're in Canada and want to come see us, we're ripping some shows with this sick band from Toronto called Napoleon. Hamilton, Windsor, and Oshawa, you better come out and make some noise!

I don't know if I'm allowed to tell you yet, but we're also playing LaSalle Strawberry Fest in June which is going to be super sick. They asked us to play for a hella long time so we'll be busting out a cover set playing a bunch of songs we've never played before and will never play again, so come hang at that if you're free!

Of course, it wouldn't be a blog post if I didn't ask you to buy something. We're about to launch pre-orders on a nondescript dinosaur logo tee that we did not rip off or steal from anything. Would mean a lot if you'd grab one! Keep your eyes peeled for that very soon.

Okay, that's all. Thanks for the continued love and support. We're fired up. Hope you are too.

Stream Better Days xoxoxoxoxo


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